Berks County dentist and farmer Dr. Gary Wegman will go on to challenge incumbent Congressman Daniel Meuser in November.

TAMAQUA, PA– Dr. Gary Wegman, a Berks County dentist and 5th generation farmer, has won the Democratic primary contest for Pennsylvania’s 9th Congressional District and will face incumbent GOP Congressman Daniel Meuser in November’s general election.

Wegman is a lifelong resident of Berks County who is running for Congress because “he believes that we can’t afford the “politics as usual” that has led to the gridlock and bad ideas in Washington — ideas that have ignored and left behind the people in our region while politicians and special interests have prospered.” 

As a 36-year medical professional and a small business owner, Wegman is highlighting the rising cost of prescription medications and health insurance, as well as the need for infrastructure investment and support for 9th District agricultural communities. 

When asked for comment, Wegman said that he is “humbled and honored at the support that [he] received during the election. The people of the 9th District are looking for real solutions to the real issues that they face — not more politics of division. [He is] looking forward to working with our entire community to bring living wage jobs and affordable healthcare to hard-working Americans.”