No Dem Left Behind, a grassroots movement of Democrats running for seats in rural districts, focuses on areas that are typically overlooked by the Democratic Party

TAMAQUA, PA–Dr. Gary Wegman has joined the No Dem Left Behind movement and will work with candidates from similar districts nationwide to bring positive change to rural America.

No Dem Left Behind is a group of like-minded candidates that focus on the issues of affordable healthcare and returning power back to the middle class, along with others. Their website states that “We know that in our current political climate, it can be easy to forget that we are meant to work together. No Dem Left Behind’s priority is to create a team of candidates from across the nation…people who are dedicated to building a stronger country.”

Wegman is a lifelong resident of Berks County who is running for Congress because “he believes that we can’t afford the “politics as usual” that has led to the gridlock and bad ideas in Washington — ideas that have ignored and left behind the people in our region while politicians and special interests have prospered.” As a 36-year medical professional and a small business owner, Wegman is highlighting the rising cost of prescription medications and health insurance, as well as the need for infrastructure investment and support for 9th District agricultural communities.

Wegman stated that “The people of the 9th District have been left behind by their supposed representatives. Politicians come to us every two years to gain our votes, and then disappear until the next election cycle. We’re used as a talking point in Congress, but none of our elected officials in Washington pay any attention to the issues that we care about: good healthcare, support for our agriculture community, high-quality education for our children, and living-wage jobs. I’m joining No Dem Left Behind to help build this grassroots movement that will focus on issues, not partisan games.”