As a practicing dentist in Pennsylvania for over 36 years, I have seen the continued decline of the quality and affordability of healthcare in our state and nation over the course of my professional career.  I promise to:

  • Improve Quality Care
  • Increase Access to Care for Everyone
  •  Lower the Costs of Healthcare

HR 3

Rep. Meuser recently voted against House Bill HR 3, which would have allowed the government to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry to determine a fair price for medications.  The VA does this, and every other country does it this way also. Why should the hard-working people of the 9th District have to “pay more” than people anywhere else in the world?  Why should Big Pharma be able to “profit” from the misfortune of our sick and infirmed, when many of them were injured in accidents, or born with pre-existing conditions through no fault of their own? 

 Town Halls

Our Rep. Meuser has not stepped before us to justify his votes in Congress.  He has not held one Town Hall event anywhere in our District, to actually face his constituents and explain his positions and his voting record in 2019.  Not one. This is completely unacceptable. The President came out and said he wanted the ability to negotiate with Big Pharma. So our House of Representatives has created a bill to allow this, yet the Senate will not act on it, and Rep. Meuser has voted against it.  Who are our Congresspersons representing, their special interest lobbyists, or the people of our 9th District?  


I, Gary Wegman, would support HR 3, and I would work hard to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, in addition to finding ways to lower the cost of healthcare.

It should not matter which side of the aisle a good idea comes from.  We need to start “running” with good ideas in our government, and as your elected public servant, this is what I intend to do.

I will also hold Town Hall events in all of our areas throughout the 9th District, so that the public can ask how their tax dollars are being spent, and so that I can tell them about the ideas I bring to Congress, and what I am doing to defend my constituents’ interests.

Our entire population can have a healthier, higher quality of existence.  Reforming our Healthcare System can fix a lot of things in America. We need to elect Gary Wegman for Congress, because I understand our healthcare issues, and I have the political guts to fight to resolve them.


  • We don’t incentivize prevention- with high deductibles and co-pays, people don’t seek help until long after they should.
  • The administrative costs are too high.  When checking out at the doctor’s office, notice the 6, or 8, or maybe 10 front office employees (all on the payroll) who are working to process your specific benefit plan.  In the digital age, this is completely unnecessary and too costly.
  • Our “Risk Pools” are too small.  A business that has an employee who becomes gravely ill sees the premiums for all employees within their company rise astronomically in the following year.

There are those who argue that we must leave the Healthcare Market to its own devices, and competition will solve the cost issues – this will never happen, however, because it is a monopolistic marketplace.  Our present Healthcare structure is also driving individual doctor practices to sell and merge with other peers in their areas, and join into large facilities that are extensions of hospital campuses. 

These Doctor’s Offices consolidations are giving us:

  • less choice
  • higher fees
  • poorer outcomes 

Our Healthcare markets need to be structured to be competitive, and this requires creative political thinking and legislative controls (good governance).  We need our doctors and hospitals to compete for our healthcare dollars in the private marketplace.

To summarize: We are paying more, for less.  

We need to create and evolve into an alternative way to pay for our Healthcare.  I believe the majority of the people living in the 9th District agree with this approach.