Dr. Gary Wegman

Real Issues. Real Solutions.

“I’ve seen what’s broken in our system, and I’m going to fight to fix it.” 

A Strong History

Gary has dedicated his life to serving his community: as a dentist, as a farmer, and as a father and husband. He was raised on a working family farm in the Oley Valley where he learned to live the values of hard work, fair play, and equality. 

Gary is running for Congress because the people of Pennsylvania need someone to serve their needs. Gary is willing to take the tough stances necessary to move our country forward and elevate our region and our communities. Gary will bring real solutions to the halls of Congress on behalf of all of the constituents in Pennsylvania’s 9th Congressional District. 

As one of the few medical professionals running for Congress, Gary knows our healthcare system inside and out. Throughout his 36 years as a dentist, Gary has watched as career politicians have broken our healthcare system. Gary has seen too many patients who lack sufficient insurance coverage. Too many people in our region have had to make tough choices between rent or medicine, between paying for groceries or seeing a doctor. Too much of our money goes to insurance company and pharmaceutical industry profits. Gary will pass HR3, a bill that will allow the government to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry to determine a fair price for medications, and reach across the aisle to find solutions to lower the cost of healthcare. 

As a small business owner, Gary has balanced budgets, made payroll, and created jobs in our region – at his medical practice and on his farm.

While serving on the board of the Reading Redevelopment Authority, Gary worked to successfully redevelop and renovate blighted properties and a brownfield site. As chairman of the Reading Parking Authority, he oversaw public parking facilities and helped to manage public resources effectively for the community – a trait career politicians in Washington could learn from. Through these experiences, Gary has come to understand that none of us succeed unless we all succeed. This is the attitude that Gary will bring to Washington to overcome the partisan gridlock and create better opportunities for the people of the 9th District.