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Jobs, Small Business, & the Economy

Gary’s proposed Nationwide Infrastructure and Transportation Enterprise (NITE) will be the biggest infrastructure investment program since the Eisenhower Administration. NITE will rebuild our nation’s roads, bridges, and water systems, plus develop high-speed railways. It will develop educational opportunities and apprenticeships and generate living wage jobs.

Farms, Agriculture, & the Environment

As a 5th generation farmer, Gary understands our small business values and the hardships of owning a rural business. That’s why he will champion District-wide Broadband rollout, provide incentives for hemp processing, and work to bring a cheese and yogurt manufacturing facility to the 9th District to leverage Pennsylvania’s surplus milk supply. 


Gary will sponsor legislation to regulate the prices of critical prescription medications and create a 50-state solution to meet American healthcare needs. You won’t have to stay in a job just for the insurance, and insurance companies won’t be able to deny you coverage for preexisting conditions or dictate which doctors you can visit.


Gary knows that education isn’t a “one-size-fits-all.” He will fight to equitably fund our public schools and create quality Pre-K educational programs. He will support trade schools and community colleges so that everyone can have access to an affordable education that’s right for them.

Real Issues. Real Solutions.

Gary Wegman is THE Democratic candidate who can win in November.

Gary is running for Congress because he believes that we can’t afford the “politics as usual” that has led to the gridlock and bad ideas in Washington — ideas that have ignored and left behind the people in our region while politicians and special interests have prospered.

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