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Frequently Asked

Will Dr Wegman hold "town Hall" Meetings with his constituents if elected Congressman in the 9th District?

(It should be noted that to date, our current Congressman has not held any!)

How can Dr. Wegman achieve his campaign goals in the present "divided, partisan climate" within the US Congress?

As a Medical Professional and a Farmer, Dr. Wegman has had to work every day with all people from all political parties.  He knows what their positions are, and how to achieve compromise with a respectful, strong argument.  Dr. Wegman is no stranger to hard work, always working to solve problems daily from Sun up to beyond Sundown!

What about costs and funding? An American Healthcare Plan and a deal on Green Energy are expensive undertakings

Dr. Wegman accepts that the current costs are too expensive to navigate the present failing healthcare system in America. He also understands that the costs to mitigate and/or clean up environmental damage, such as has occurred in our own communities (Centralia), are far greater than any upfront investments in the health of our citizenry, or the environmental future of our nation.  We will be fiscally prudent, but we are going to be “smart” and actually solve problems, not kick the can down the road to another generation, which would have less time and resources to accomplish the task!