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The only doctor and medical professional in the race. Real answers based on real experience.

Jobs, Small Business & the Economy:

The only small business owner in the Democratic race. The only Democrat who has actually created jobs balanced a business budget and made payroll. Real answers based on real experience.

Farms, Agriculture & the Environment:

Fifth-generation farmer and the only experienced farmer in the race. Real answers based on real experience.


Proud product of our public schools. Fund our public schools equitably. Properly fund quality pre-k educational programs. Will listen to our public school teachers. Real answers based on real experience.

On the Issues


Dr. Gary Wegman is the only medical professional in the race. Gary understands healthcare. Gary knows how to fix a broken healthcare system. He has been in the trenches every day for the past 36 years. Fixing healthcare takes the insights and experience of a real medical professional: Gary Wegman.

On the Issues

Farms, Agriculture & the Environment

Gary Wegman is the only experienced farmer in the race. As a fifth-generation farmer, Gary knows how to balance a responsibility to preserve our planet from one generation to the next in a sustainable manner with the harsh economic and business realities of the farmers in our area. As Pennsylvania’s largest industry, Gary understands the negative impact of development on farming. He knows what is at stake for our family farms.

Real Answers. Real Experience

Gary Wegman is THE Democratic candidate who can win in November.

Gary Wegman is running for Congress because he believes that we can’t afford the politics as usual that have led to the gridlock and bad ideas in Washington — ideas that have ignored and left behind the people in our region while politicians and special interests have prospered..


Jobs, Small Business & the Economy

Farms, Agriculture & the Environment


Here’s what
you can do to help.

1. Vote.

Every vote will count — in the May Primary and in November. Make sure to get out to vote for Gary Wegman on April 28th, 2020.

2. Help Get the Word Out.
Tell your friends and neighbors about Gary Wegman. Tell them that he’s a doctor, small business owner and farmer who really understands the important issues that we face. Tell them that he has the experience and insight to make things happen for us — all of us.
3. Invite Him.
Invite Gary to speak at your church, at your meeting, at your community event. Hear firsthand about Gary’s experience, insights and ideas. You’ll quickly see why Gary Wegman is the only Democratic candidate who can win in November.
4. Connect with Gary.
Get connected to Gary Wegman’s grassroots campaign on Facebook for photos, updates, events and ways you can get involved. We can make a difference together, ignited through our efforts on social media and across the district.
5. Donate to Gary Wegman for Congress.
Like it or not, congressional campaigns are very expensive. Every dollar counts, and your financial contribution to this grassroots campaign will secure the nomination, and bring the change we need to the 9th Congressional District.
5. Join the Team.
Want to really get involved? There’s so much we can do together to make change in our community and to create a brighter future. Join Gary’s team today for a stronger tomorrow, and for better leadership from the 9th in Washington.